Share the internet on Windows 10 with "Mobile Hotspot"

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Mobile Hotspot feature on Windows 10

Transform Windows into a hotspot (to share the Internet through Wi-Fi) is something that long is possible – from Windows Vista, if memory serves – but it was ridiculously complicated to do. Finally Windows 10 took a step in the right direction.

Enable the Mobile HotSpot feature (mobile hotspot) on Windows, prior to Windows 10, meant to go to the command line and use netsh to enable virtual Wi-Fi (used by hotspot) and then configure the Internet sharing (ICS, Internet Connection Sharing) in Windows to turn on NAT and DHCP. A typical user simply couldn’t do without a tutorial. Compare that to the experience you have in a modern smartphone, where the share of internet is just a touch away, and it becomes clear that the experience needed to improve.

This is where comes one of the less talked about 10 Windows news.

When you are connected to the internet by cell phone (for example, using a 3 g/4 g modem or through a tablet or computer with native support for 3 g/4 g) on Windows 10, the new Mobile Hotspot feature, accessible through the Action Center (hint: press Windows + A to open the Action Center).

Simply click once on the button Mobile hotspot (see image above). Your mobile internet is shared!

To configure your access point (network name, password etc.) right-click (long press on a device with touch screen) and select the option Go to settings:

Right-click to open the option "Go to settings"

In the Settings screen you can customize your access point, in addition to getting the password that you will share with the people who will access the internet through your computer. You can even configure the remote activation (via Bluetooth) internet sharing:

Configuration window Mobile hot spot

IMPORTANT: the access point mobile (mobile hotspot) is available only to cellular networks. That is, to share other accesses to the internet (such as, for example, via cable or Wi-Fi) is still necessary to use the ancient technique of NETSH + ICS. For these cases, or calls for a tutorial or you can use a third-party application that facilitates this process.


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