Control your legacy projects in TFS

Who says you have to be on newer version of fashion programming languages to be able to adopt practices of DevOps and use a tool like ALM TFS or VSTS?

In this series of posts, I want to show you how to maintain their legacy projects can be more simple than you think if you allow yourself to experience.


Once I heard that the meaning of "legacy software" was "software that works". Nothing more true. Applications that commonly call legacy – those using old technologies, sometimes even obsolete-they're just there to this day because they still work. That is, often there is no business motivator to justify rewriting the system in a new technology, platform or language. Modernize for what? After all, it works!

What the teams responsible for legacy projects end up forgetting is to keep your system in an ancient language does not necessarily mean to continue using old development practices. Far from it!

In this series of posts I want to share some tips on how to integrate the legacy projects in technologies that have seen our customers use. In most of them, our team of consultants of ALM was given the opportunity to help them to adopt the practices and tools described in this series. In other words, more than theoretical knowledge, is experience.

Part 1-Delphi 7

For posts about Delphi, I'll use the version 7.0 as it is more commonly found in legacy Delphi projects in our customers.

Part 2-Visual Basic 6

We couldn't let the venerable VB6 out, huh? J

  • Version control of legacy VB 6 projects
  • Build automation of legacy VB 6 projects
  • Test automation of legacy VB 6 projects
  • Automation of release of legacy VB 6 projects

Part 3-classic ASP

Believe me, it is still full of ASP sites out there.

  • ASP projects version control
  • Automation of build and release of ASP projects

Part 4-other tools

  • Version control, build and release for PowerBuilder
  • Version control, build and release to Progress projects
  • Version control, build and release for Clipper projects

As the various posts are published, the links will be updated on this page. Do not miss!

Oh, there's another legacy technology that you use in your company and would like to see in this series of posts? Then leave a comment with your suggestion. Maybe extended the series to include your idea? 😉

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Author: Igor Abade

Igor Abade V. Leite ([email protected]) is a Visual Studio ALM MVP (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional) since 2006. Speaker at various Software Development community events (TechEd Brasil, The Developers’ Conference, DevOps Summit Brasil, Agile Brazil, Visual Studio Summit, QCON among others), has also written articles in magazines and websites such as MSDN Brazil. Since March/2011 is one of the owners of Lambda3, a Brazilian consulting company specialized in ALM, software development and training. Visit his blog about VS ALM at and follow him on Twitter @igorabade.

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