Control your legacy projects in TFS

Who says you have to be on newer version of fashion programming languages to be able to adopt practices of DevOps and use a tool like ALM TFS or VSTS?

In this series of posts, I want to show you how to maintain their legacy projects can be more simple than you think if you allow yourself to experience.


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How is licensed Visual Studio build service Team Services?

A little while ago arose within the time of ALM Lambda3 a rich discussion about the licensing model of the Visual Studio Build Service Team Services (VSTS).

What? You didn't know that builds in VSTS are charged? Then you better read this post.

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My lectures on TDC 2016 de São Paulo

(UPDATE: 7/9/2016 Slides of the lectures of .NET and available tests on the body of the post)

Guys, this week starts the 2016 Edition of The Developers Conference (TDC) in São Paulo.

Once again I will have the privilege of being able to speak in that which is already one of the largest (if not the largest) for developers of Brazil. Will we meet there?

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Prevent users from accessing the VSTS out of the workplace

Since the VSO VSTS began to be evaluated by companies as an alternative to TFS (did you know that VSTS is much cooler than the TFS, right?), a question arose with a certain recurrence:

But if I put the source code of my company in the cloud, my developers can access the code outside of the workplace. I don't want my devs have access to the code when they are outside of my network!

And then, #comofaz?

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