Learn how to create your first NuGet package

NuGet Package(WARNING: This post is machine-translated. A proper translation is in the works).


The issue is far from new NuGet-in fact, nowadays it is almost impossible to create a project in Visual Studio that does not have any packages NuGet in use.

However, for more convenient that these packages might be, the truth is that few teams have created packages to share their libraries of internal use by finding that a lot of work.

Did you know that create a package NuGet for internal use library is more simple than it seems? See in this post how to create your first NuGet package.

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The life of analysts and managers just got easier with the "TFS Office Integration Installer"

imageThe TFS is a tool that integrates all members of a development team (including business analysts and managers) is nothing new.

Since the first version of TFS Microsoft provides plug-ins for integration to Excel and to Project (and, since the 2010 version, also for PowerPoint) that simplify the access of non-technical personnel to the project.

Of course, this was a "price": these people needed to install the Team Explorer (in practice, a "light" version of Visual Studio) on their computers. A tremendous overkill for just need to connect your Excel to TFS.

That just changed.

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Turn WhatsApp Web into a Windows desktop application

WhatsApp Web

Since WhatsApp began to allow access from the browser it became much easier to send messages, as now we can leverage the larger screen of the computer, and especially its full keyboard. But …

Yes, there's always a "but". After all, it seems that we're never satisfied, right? 🙂

But … Wouldn't it be much nicer if, instead of using WhatsApp as a browser tab (in Chrome, Firefox etc.), it was a real app? With an icon, its own window and everything else?

Well, keep reading as I'm going to teach you how to do it!

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Setting up a friendly URL in TFS

Setting up TFS is no longer something complicated – even considering that a typical TFS installation consists of multiple servers in addition to TFS itself (SQL Server, SharePoint, etc.). That characteristic, however, makes an activity still somewhat complicated: create a friendly URL for TFS, which is applied to all its components. Continue reading “Setting up a friendly URL in TFS”