Forcing the use of the tag <figure>in WordPress</figure>

Post on PHP?! Is, who has seen and who sees you. Open-mouthed smile

Well, it’s been a while that I use WordPress as my blogging platform and Windows Live Writer as my editor of posts.

One thing is undeniable: this combination (WP + WLW) is fantastic! However, there’s a little something that is to be desired: there is no easy way to put subtitles on my images! Is there any way to make WP + WLW generate semantic HTML to properly display the subtitles of my images?

Of course you have!

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About IFRAME and clickjacking

The world was a much simpler place to live. Designers and developers could integrate content from different sites whenever they wanted to. One IFRAME and ready. The imagination was the limit.

They were good times. They all lived happy and at peace, in a great global village where all were brothers and shared freely their sites.

That's when the clickjacking. The world as we knew it no longer exists and the free coexistence has become a distant memory.

ABBOT, Igor. "Ancient legends of the Web world"

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My lectures on TDC 2016 de São Paulo

(UPDATE: 7/9/2016 Slides of the lectures of .NET and available tests on the body of the post)

Guys, this week starts the 2016 Edition of The Developers Conference (TDC) in São Paulo.

Once again I will have the privilege of being able to speak in that which is already one of the largest (if not the largest) for developers of Brazil. Will we meet there?

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Increase the security of your SQL Server with Contained Users

(This post is machine-translated. A proper translation is in the works)

Control of access to databases is something that disturbs the life of developers, IT Pros and DBAs. Well, since ever!

You know the story of connection string with user and password rolling to and fro? Who never, huh? Alegre

Besides the obvious problems with this — unauthorized access to data that are often confidential, there is another aggravating factor: the logins in SQL Server always happen at the server level. In other words, there is always the risk of a malicious user to do what must master database of SQL Server.

Did you know that SQL Server 2012 has introduced a new feature that reduces – and – that risk? Come meet new users contained (contained users).

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Learn how to create your first NuGet package

NuGet Package(WARNING: This post is machine-translated. A proper translation is in the works).


The issue is far from new NuGet-in fact, nowadays it is almost impossible to create a project in Visual Studio that does not have any packages NuGet in use.

However, for more convenient that these packages might be, the truth is that few teams have created packages to share their libraries of internal use by finding that a lot of work.

Did you know that create a package NuGet for internal use library is more simple than it seems? See in this post how to create your first NuGet package.

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