Ransomware and OneDrive

Recently I received the following question in my post about backup using OneDrive:

Igor very good your explanation but get me out a doubt. If my machine get a Ransonware, don't know if you know what it does, but in case you didn't know, it encrypts and locks all files from my pc, all of them even. Will a time in cloud and stop automatically, he will do it with the files in the clouds, too?

Great question! Let's talk about ransomware and its implications on the OneDrive.

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Share the internet on Windows 10 with "Mobile Hotspot"

(This post was machine-translated by Lingotek)

Mobile Hotspot feature on Windows 10

Transform Windows into a hotspot (to share the Internet through Wi-Fi) is something that long is possible – from Windows Vista, if memory serves – but it was ridiculously complicated to do. Finally Windows 10 took a step in the right direction.

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