Forcing the use of the tag <figure>in WordPress</figure>

Post on PHP?! Is, who has seen and who sees you. Open-mouthed smile

Well, it’s been a while that I use WordPress as my blogging platform and Windows Live Writer as my editor of posts.

One thing is undeniable: this combination (WP + WLW) is fantastic! However, there’s a little something that is to be desired: there is no easy way to put subtitles on my images! Is there any way to make WP + WLW generate semantic HTML to properly display the subtitles of my images?

Of course you have!

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Control your legacy projects in TFS

Who says you have to be on newer version of fashion programming languages to be able to adopt practices of DevOps and use a tool like ALM TFS or VSTS?

In this series of posts, I want to show you how to maintain their legacy projects can be more simple than you think if you allow yourself to experience.


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How to decrease the size of a VHD file/VHDX

This post is, in some ways, a continuation of yesterday's post.

After they solved the problem of the Defragmenter, I discovered that I still couldn't lower my VHD. No matter what I did, the size remains in 127 GB.

Until I discovered the solution to the problem.

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Solved: error 1079 (The account specified for this service is different …)

You know when something doesn't work and as soon as you start digging, starts pulling another, and another, and another …?

As it is. It all started with a VHD larger than I should. And arrived at the event Log service of Windows that did not work.

But at least now everything is working normally. Smile

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About IFRAME and clickjacking

The world was a much simpler place to live. Designers and developers could integrate content from different sites whenever they wanted to. One IFRAME and ready. The imagination was the limit.

They were good times. They all lived happy and at peace, in a great global village where all were brothers and shared freely their sites.

That's when the clickjacking. The world as we knew it no longer exists and the free coexistence has become a distant memory.

ABBOT, Igor. "Ancient legends of the Web world"

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